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We work to place you, fast—full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, or temporary-to-perm—in a job with a company that is right for you. We have been providing flexible staffing and productivity solutions for more than 20 years. Our knowledgeable and high-energy team works for you. Experience a professional relationship built on respect, honesty, and a commitment to get you working and earning. You will have access to companies and job opportunities you never thought possible. With our Direct deposit payroll options to make it easier for you to have immediate access to your money.


The Benefits of Working with KHAKI



Our recruiters can help you find a job fast. We have connections with businesses in different industries, allowing us to network and recommend the job seekers who passed our criteria. Our staffing company doesn’t only fill positions, but also makes sure that both employers and employees will be a good match in the long run.


We believe that job hunting shouldn’t be a costly process, so we don’t charge any fee to our job seeker candidates. Our customers—small to large-scale businesses and individual parties—pay us to find exceptional people for them. We have built solid relationships with many trusted companies. Let our recruiters find exactly what you are looking for!

Career Tips to Help You Get That Job

From Search to Hire

Below, our experienced recruiters share where job seekers find jobs most often, what hiring managers look for in a resume, and what they want to hear during the interview process.

  • Job Search Tips

    Where can you find jobs outside of the major job boards? How should you utilize social networks to land your next job? Get the answers to these and other job search questions from our expert recruiters and job marketers.

  • How to Write a Resume

    Want more recruiters to contact you for hiring managers to put your resume on their short list? Our recruiters show you how to build an effective resume optimized for the career you want.

  • Cover letter

    Write a cover letter that separates you from the pack. Stand out from other applicants with a strong introduction of who you are, what sets you apart, and how you can help the prospective employer.

  • Interview

    You’ve found the job, written an excellent cover letter, and crafted an optimized resume. Now it’s time to nail the interview and demonstrate that you are the best qualified candidate for the position.

Khaki provides Quality Staffing Solutions

Our business professionals have worked inside the industries we serve and know how to perfectly pair client companies and candidates.

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